January 2002
Unfortunately I haven't been able to return to New Hamphsire to continue this project, but I hope to (again) this summer. The other work I've been doing in the interim has been invaluable, for the research that will undoubtable inform this project.

December 1999
Returned over the summer to our property in New Hampshire. In preparation for taking more photos I found that a large portion of the property had been tagged but not staked, so that many of the markers had been lost - most tape had been tied around trees, which as they grew, inevitably burst the tape. My parents and I had to use a relay technique to re-mark the line on which this marker is set.

I also went to the county offices to research the history of the property, and quickly found myself in trouble because the boundaries were not mapped but verbally described, and I found it difficult to understand what area they were referring to (our property had been owned by someone who owned many parcels in the area in the mid to late 1800's).

I will have to return and spend more time there - I plan on making more use of the Sandwich Historical Society in trying to decipher the historical information.

One thing that has come out of this project has been an idea to do another project in the area - similar idea but wider scope. I'm going to look into doing something on the Sandwich Notch. I hope to work with someone from the Historical Society, and in this way get a humanities grant for a joint venture. I am going to read up on the history of the Notch before I go back this summer.

Notes from April 99 show
A typical "nature photo", except that instead of turning away from signs of human habitation (as we have come to expect) it focuses on a property marker. There is no pretense here of a documentation of wilderness, though without the marker you would have no indication of human presence, or the claim on the land.

Some of the ideas of I'm thinking about:

I'll be returning to New Hampshire this summer to work on a series of these images.

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