I’ve started RADICAL PET because I needed a place to voice my opinions freely. You see, I have my own dog training business, and I also work in a health food store for pets. While these give me the opportunity to educate, they require a tempered voice. My punk background is always behind me, urging me to speak directly and without prettiness. This is why I’ve started RADICAL PET – so I can have my own personal soapbox.

I’d been toying with the idea for some time, but finally decided the radical community needed this zine to become better educated. Because of course no one is perfect. We all have our issues that we pursue, our ideals that shape our lifestyle. None of us can hope to fulfill every promise. But then I saw some things that really got under my skin.

Women who appear to be part of the radical community buying into the accessory pet world. Buying their purebred puppies (of one of the particularly deformed breeds), carrying them around, cooing at, patting, and rocking them like babies. Buying them outfits and carriers. All in all displaying a wanton disregard for the consequences of their actions, not only on their own pets but on the industry that produced them. They had their living barbie dolls. I’m guessing here, but I doubt that I’m wrong – they fed them commercially produced food of questionable quality, they over-vaccinated them, they applied pesticides. And I haven’t said a word. I haven’t jumped on them about this because as I said, none of us are perfect. But I can speak to them through this zine, as well as to others like them who just don’t know any better. Just as with other aspect of our culture, pet ownership requires due diligence. We must educate ourselves about these animals we’ve taken responsibility for. We can’t just think of our own pleasure, but of our role as caretaker.

It is not my goal to make people feel bad, but to make people think. I am one who wishes I knew then what I know now, for past pets of mine. But as is life, one can only move forward.

I’m a dog person. Because of that this zine will mostly be about dogs. Much of the information will also apply to cats, and I will do my best to include specific information on them as well as a little bit on rabbits. I guess I could’ve called the zine RADICAL DOG, but I liked the clash between the two words of the title as is. I also want to widen my own education a little too.
So there it is. I’m not called Dogrrrl for nuthin.




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  3. Microcosm

Issue #1:

  1. Why Radical Pet
  2. Calming Signals: The Language Of Dogs
  3. Labradoodle Is The New Cockapoo
  4. Why Dry Cat Food Isn't Good For Cats
  5. Vaccine Release Form
  6. Some Of The Harmful Effects of Vaccines
  7. Flower Essences For Pets
  8. Raw Food Basics For Dogs
  9. Mascotas

Issue #2:

  1. We Love Deforming Dogs!
  2. Converting Cats To A Raw Food Diet
  3. Dog Park Etiquette For People
  4. Do You Know What Your Pet Is Eating?
  5. Reshaping The Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  6. Would You Do It To A Kid?
  7. Does Your Pet Have A Food Allergy?
  8. Oh They're So Cute!
  9. Animal Dosages For Supplements

Issue #3

  1. Letter: Getting Started With Raw Food
  2. Down With Dry Food
  3. 1936 Dog Advice - Still Good
  4. Home Cooked Diets
  5. Kidney Health, Urinary Tract Disease, Crystal Formation: How Cats And Dogs Are Being Damaged By Dry Food
  6. Immune Boosting Supplements
  7. Posts From La Vida Fresca Blog
  8. Dog 101: The Leadership Lifestyle
  9. Recommended Books

Issue #4

  1. Discerning Ear
  2. Flea Free, Chem Free
  3. Why the AKC Ain't The Cat's Pajamas
  4. Health Pyramid
  5. Seasonal Feeding
  6. Tips for Adopting
  7. Rabies Challenge Fund
  8. Agility Mini Zine Insert

Issue #5

  1. Early Warning Signs of Ill Health
  2. Go To Points (acupressure)
  3. Stimulate That Cat!
  4. What Does An Animal Reiki Session Look Like?
  5. Feeding Pets With Cancer
  6. Mason Jar of Medicine…Tea for Two
  7. Nails – don’t let them go!
  8. A Few Notes on Why Fresh Is Best

Issue #6

  1. The Importance of Integrative Care
  2. Basic Digestive Health
  3. Easy Herbs
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. 5 Steps to a Happier Healthier Pet
  6. Our Cancer Treatment
  7. Herbal Cancer Care

Issue 7

  1. Senior? Let's Say Wise.
  2. Pet Dental
  3. Giardia
  4. Slippery Elm Bark
  5. Marshmallow Root
  6. Starting Your Pet On Supplements
  7. Vaccine Safety
  8. Vaccines & Puppies & Kittens
  9. It's Earth Day, Do You Know What Your Pet Is Eating?
  10. Bone Broth
  11. Quick Herb Tips

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