Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go an all-women workshop group based in Southern California.

Since 2002 we have been facilitating workshops in community venues and college campuses in our region.

We focus on the empowerment of young women through the production of fanzines and self published works.

We have two DIY zines: "Let's DIY" covers how to put on a zine workshop, "Let's DIY Together" covers how to successfully collaborate with community groups for this purpose.

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...but finally decided the radical community needed this zine to become better educated. Because of course no one is perfect. We all have our issues that we pursue, our ideals that shape our lifestyle. None of us can hope to fulfill every promise. But then I saw some things that really got under my skin.....[read more]




A zine for the shopworn retail worker. Stories about customers and bosses, labor editorials, and images that reflect the world that is low wage.

Accepting submissions!

+ Writing, comix, graphics.
+ Digital submissions only, via email.
+ Please send low-res previews of all graphics files (I'm on dialup), leave high-res files at home until accepted for publication.
+ Text should be attached as a plaintext file (.txt).





...The deck was a great stopping point for me. In my contraction from life I came to notice exactly where my boundaries were at all times, and the deck was one of them. To step off meant to enter the real world, the woods and all their unpredictability. I never did walk the property this summer... [read more]




OYA: a feminist rag

Published from 1993 to 1995, 17 issues.

Email for info on purchasing.